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Trying something different, because I was getting tired of just reccing ten of everything from a specific fandom, so I decided to mix it up a bit. That being said, I first rec stuff on my tumblr mirror and then I will just post it here. also, I have such a massive backlog like you wouldn't believe it.

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5 x fanart recs

I haven't postem any fics this sunday, because it was easter and i was away and before that i was busy writing and cleaning so I haven't time to read many fics, not to mention write recs for them. anyway, i did five new art recs so there's that.

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fanart recs x 5

i come with more fanart. i also started writing recs for fancomics/doujinshi, and i have the post with fics for tomorrow. yay for precaution.

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The Hobbit/Thor/The Avengers/Young Avengers

I keep pushing the sunday 'deadline' of posting the rec post back and back and ugh. I know i'm lazy but I had other things to do too.


The Hobbit x8
Thor/The Avengers x1
Young Avengers x1

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Thor/The Avengers/The Hobbit x11

AS I PROMISED. Third post this month, I Just need another one and I will meet my quota. This time there are 11 fics, two of which are Thor/Avengers and the rest is me shamelessly reading the hobbit fic and *sobs and hides face in hands* browsing the kink meme. THE KINK MEME FOR THE FUCKING HOBBIT. WHY? Anyway, I’ve read some really awesome fills and fics and UGH JUST. I LOVE TOLKIEN SO MUCH OK? I want to re-read everything and read the books I’m missing in my collection. Also I want to see the movie again, but I don’t have the money/time/anyone to go with. So I will just suffer till the DVD comes out and then just dl it. Because I’ve decided I will buy the whole box set when the third movie comes out. *nod*. But anyway, fic.

->Thor/The Avengers x2
->The Hobbit x9

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Thor/Avengers/Batman 10

woohoo, first post in new year. i was supposed to post some recs during christmas, but I just hadn't had time, because I was writing my MA and other essay and well, I was also slacking off. but! i'll try being more active and post four times a month! we'll see how will that turn out

-> Thor/Avengers x9
-> Batman x1

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